Style is as individual as Grandma herself!

People usually say to me, “You don’t look like a grandmother!” Which always leaves me a little perplexed. When I had my fist grandchild they would say, “Oh, it’s your first one, that’s why.” But now I have six and there is no escaping the shocked responses. As a child growing up in South Florida, I had long golden hair, ran around barefoot and had a free spirit, and in a small way that’s what they see in me now; only I’m a grandma.

But really… what is a grandmother supposed to look like? I remember what my grandmother looked like. She was the typical sweet little-old-lady with short wavy grey hair and soft skin.

Back then it did seem as if most grandmothers were similar in style, and even interests. Baking pies, playing cards and doing puzzles were some great memories I have of my grandma. But I have seen a shift in today’s grandmother. She is a little more individualistic and independent. I think today style for grandmas can reflect their personality. I have seen some pretty stylish grandmas out there. I think she is even seeing this stage of her life as even more of an opportunity to reflect her personality through style. This is her time. She has matured and can be less trendy if she wants, or more trendy. It’s up to her…

An easy fit (not too tight) looks stunning!

However, what ever the age, especially when we are old enough to be a grandmother, my personal opinion is that fit is important. It’s good to look for styles that can accomplish both comfort and personality. One of the most common mistakes some grandmas make is fit. The less clingy the greater the figure looks. Some time we have the wrong perception that just because we can still fit into it we should wear it. I have taken up a new motto “a tight fit – chuck it, an easy fit – love it” This doesn’t effect style, personality or flair.
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