Me excercise? Really? Why???

Maybe exercise is not your thing. Well, it’s not mine either but people kept telling me it would make me feel healthier, and more energized. I have a

My daughter Kristin and her three children.

fairly fast metabolism, so I really never felt inclined to work out. But, recently after much prodding by my grown daughter (and mother of three) I decided to give it a try. Now mind you, I wouldn’t give her a full fledged commitment – why intimidate myself with such an obligation now that I am in a freer time of life.

I have to say that she was such an inspiration! She would take all her little ones and go herself to the gym. My excuses seemed somewhat weak as I observed the effort it took her just to get her kids packed and into the car, then unpacked and into the gym. It seemed in itself like a workout before the workout, and of course repeat the scene just to get them home. What I am going to say to her… Um, honey, I can’t make it to the gym today my arms are a little worn out from lifting my coffee cup this morning? Lame? Exactly!

So try I did, and left the gym feeling fabulous! What is it about working out that makes a person feel great?

There are a couple things really that are notable and convincing reasons to try (no pressure) exercise.

One, it is a medical fact that exercise leads to the release of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that alleviate pain, both physical and mental. You might have heard the word “endorphins.” These little guys work hard for us – but they are motivated by exercise. Studies have shown that endorphin release is natural way to treat depression and memory loss as, well. Amazingly, God has wired the body to do something incredible- organically! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the benefits… so why would I even hesitate on something like this?

Maybe you think exercising has to look something like this… Wrong!

My sister Kristin doing Zumba.

Also, exercise strengthens the heart, bones, and increases stamina. Life’s assault on the aging process is slowed dramatically. Whether it’s toxins that we are exposed to outside of our actions. Or, unhealthy agents that we put into bodies ourselves. And even if we do nothing hazardous at all (but avoiding exercise)… it will have degenerative effects on the bones, stamina and over all age progression.

See, exercise is looking better already! What ideas come to mind when you think about exercise. Maybe that’s the problem…you have the wrong picture in your mind.

It doesn’t have to be that one thing, the thing you dread. It can be as simple swimming in the pool or walking on a lovely day. As simplistic as this sounds one brisk walk puts all the above mentioned benefits in motion.

My sister Joan in her wet suit ready for her pool routine.

Its your choice, consider the many options, see what is appealing and give it a try. One of my sisters loves dance so she has taken up Zumba. She loved it so much she became a certified instructor. My sister had quite a few health issues in her early years, and now her health is at its finest. She is a great example of over fifty and fabulous!

My other sister who lives in San Francisco is so dedicated to her pool routine that she will wear a wetsuit if needed in cold weather so as not to miss her exercise. She is a great example of stellar after seventy.

And if all this isn’t enough to motivate you check this out: Ernestine Shepherd, the world’s oldest female body builder at age 75. Look, I am not saying we all have to run out and become record weight lifters, I’m just saying if Ernestine can get up every morning at at 2:30 TO FIT IN A TEN MILE RUN BEFORE HITTING THE GYM, then I think I can probably muster enough energy for a brisk walk around the block.

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Ernestine Shepherd at 75 years of age. She looks a little different than my grandma used to look. By the way Ernestine started her weight training at the tender age of 71…

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