Stellar after Seventy!

My sister and I out to dinner in New Orleans.

My sister is not a grandmother, but she does fall into that exciting time of life of over fifty and simply fabulous. In fact she is quite stellar after seventy! She is an inspiration when it comes to style and individualism! She has had an adventurous spirit as far back as I can remember. Her personality is charismatic and full of life. When she enters a door there is such an energy about her that she captivates the whole room. People who don’t know her have asked me if she is famous simply because of the way she carries herself.

I love all of who she is, but there are a few things about her find extremely endearing. One is her interest in people. She is never too busy to find out what is going on in a strangers life. In fact she is genuinely fascinated by different people and their individual journey. It doesn’t matter if they are high society or blue collar it is a joy to her to engage and connect with everyone. She makes one person feel just as valuable as another. I have gone with her to restaurants that she frequents in her own charming city of San Francisco, and taken notice that the moment she walks in you can hear, “Oh, its Joan!” And of course we get the best service, because they all love her whether busboy, manager, or owner.

The second thing I find endearing is her casual elegance. She has great fashion sense, and is very classy. But her general style reflects her unusual love and respect of people. She never tries to dress to impress, yet she is impressive. It’s a confident look with many interesting layers that distinguish her and set her apart as well put together. She can glam it up as well with the best of them if the occasion arises. But one of her greatest loves is to romp around in a sweatshirt and blue jeans.

My sister with her bike.

Lastly, one of my favorite things about my stellar sister after seventy is that she has gotten even more sassy with time. She has the courage to embrace the freedom that comes with being a unique personality making her mark in the world. A notable characteristics is that she has a whimsical side. She loves to add touches of playfulness to life, home, and style. Recently she has added a red streak to her hair that has caused quite a stir, and has enjoyed the various responses. These are the things that set her style apart as her very own. She is a good example of how personality is reflected in style. The fact that she is not afraid to try different trends shows a type of fashion edginess that many of of wish we had. I will close in this thought of the whimsical, with her own words: “Hair should be fun!”


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